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Beef Cut Sheet

1358 CR 140, Westcliffe CO 81252



$110 Slaughter fee

$1.10 per pound hanging weight processing

Minimum Fee: 500# carcass weight

No Custom Quarters

Shoulder Cuts

Center Cuts

Hind Cuts


Thank you for submitting your beef cut sheet!

Helpful Tips

Please enter Beef Owner's name. If you are their customer, please put yourself as customer.

Boxing instructions

Whole beef- Cut order is for full beef

Whole beef as halves- Cut order is for full beef but boxed in halves

Whole beef in quarters- Cut order is for full beef but boxed in quarters

Half Beef- Cut order goes to half beef

Half Beef in Quarters- Cut order goes to half beef but boxed in quarters


Anything left unmarked will be ground.

All steaks will be cut at a single thickness.

Roasts are 3 to 4#

Most people prefer 1" steaks

Most people prefer 1# ground


Chuck Roast is the best roast, Arm Roast will be more lean and not as tender.

Flat irons are great for Fajita's and stir fry.

Back ribs come off the Ribeye. If you select Rib Steak or Rib Roast, they are not available.

Short ribs can be smoked, braised or slow cooked.

Cube Steak is tenderized.

Stew meat comes in 1# packages.

If you want more Cube Steak or Stew Meat, please select that option in the rounds.

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