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Live Animal Receiving Form
Beef without brand papers will not be received

Animal being dropped
I would like...

Thank you for submitting your drop off form!

Heads & Hides Must Be picked up within 24hrs of Slaughter or they will be disposed of as we see fit.


Owner of live animals is responsible for ALL slaughter and processing expense including any smoked, or cured product, interest, and storage. We will not invoice or contact your customers for service or product.

Minimum carcass weight charged is 500# plus slaughter fee

All Cut Sheets must be provided when animals are dropped off.

Inventory, Palletizing, or any other product handling will be billed at $75/hr.

All products must be paid for and picked up within 7 days of invoice date.

I certify that the legal withdrawal time for therapeutic treatment with antibiotics or any other substance have been met for all animals brought to Westcliffe Meats.

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